Healing the World: Translational Research & Medicine

According to the Initiative for Measuring Performance, “research matters more than anything else in defining the best institutions,” which is why the Hebrew University is consistently ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide.

Renowned for their pioneering efforts and the scope of their scientific inquiry, the investigators at the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine produce over one-quarter of all Israeli medical and biological research papers each year. The importance of their results is evidenced by their inclusion in over 950 scientific publications annually and the more than 30 patents Faculty members are awarded yearly for their innovative  approaches  to complex  medical challenges.

The Faculty of Medicine’s researchers and scientists receive numerous international funding grants with almost one in five preclinical researchers a recipient of a prestigious European Research Council award. 

As the volume and value of the Faculty of Medicine’s contributions to medical and scientific inquiry continue to increase, so does the impact of their efforts to enhance the quality of healthcare and the quality of life.

The Faculty of Medicine

Imagine... enabling victims of spinal cord injuries to retrieve some of their former mobility by activating neural pathways.

Imagine... identifying the placental genes that can help prevent miscarriages and pursuing their use.

Imagine... turning the tables on cancer tumors by identifying their individual idiosyncrasies and using that information to destroy them.

Imagine... replacing invasive biopsies to diagnose cancer and other diseases with a simple blood test.

Imagine... contributing to the global battle against malaria by discovering how a clever parasite evades the human immune system.

The fantasies of the future? 

The hopes and dreams of generations to come?

Not at all.

These are but a few of the extraordinary research premises and projects that are being explored throughout the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine.