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European Friends of the Hebrew University  Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Facing these challenging times, the Hebrew University, as always, continues to be in the front of scientific research in Israel. Our researchers are at the battlefront consulting the Israeli Government on a daily basis, helping to shape new strategies in confronting the pandemia and balancing with the everyday life needs, economy, and questions of fundamental human rights.

It is my pleasure to share with you this winter newsletter for our European Friends. The newsletter will focus on a wide range of new research, HU researchers' achievements, and of course, some new exciting media that we highly recommend you to see and listen to.

You are welcome to connect to our Social Media platforms to stay even more updated about news from the Hebrew University.

Enjoy the read!

Daniel Shriqui
Head of the European Desk
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


HU in the Headlines


Covid Pandemic Pay be Nearing End, Experts Suggest

Prominent Hebrew University physicians say the Omicron variant may signal the end of the pandemic crisis.

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Promising HU researchers awarded prestigious Grants
Two promising female researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem were awarded European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants. The funds will help the ambitious researchers launch their projects.
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If You (Still) Can't Visit Us, We Will Visit You!

Join us for a virtual tour of our beautiful historic Mt. Scopus campus. 
SavorEat Serves Customized Veggie Burgers at Israeli Restaurant
A local restaurant partnered with HU spin-off SavorEat, offering tailor-made alternative protein patties that resemble real meat.
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EU - Horizon 2021
Israel is one of a few non-EU countries participating in Horizon 2021, the world's biggest development and research program. Among the Israeli recipients of Horizon 2021 grants are two top Hebrew University researchers: Dr. Hannelies Koloska from the Department of Comparative Religion, and Dr. Nir Friedman from the Institute of Life Sciences.
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HU Researchers Create Model for Material That Never Melts
HU researchers were on a team that questioned the assumption that all materials will eventually melt or evaporate when heated. Their model has potential for developing methods for producing more energy with less fuel. 
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HU Creates Blood Test That Could Eliminate Painful Biopsies 
Thanks to Hebrew University researchers, patients may no longer have to go through painful, invasive biopsies. Now doctors can detect immune and inflammatory activity in tissues, with a simple blood test. This was shown to be effective in lymphoma, a cancer that is usually undetectable in the blood. 
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HUJI Bites & Other Media

“Entangling” the Mysteries of Quantum Mechanics

Featuring Dr. Shlomi Kotler from the Department of Applied Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Kotler recently won the 2021 Breakthrough of the Year award from Physics World, the leading physics magazine published by the UK-based Institute of Physics. 
New Podcasts by Yissum 

Enjoy Yissum’s brand new podcast series, featuring the Hebrew University’s cutting-edge scientists. Join us in learning more about the people behind the technology and connect with them on their journey to bring their ideas to fruition.



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Upcoming Events

The 85th International Board of Governors Gathering

JUNE 10-15, 2022
Invitation to Jerusalem - Leadership for Tomorrow - The 85th International Board of Governors gathering - more information to follow.
Judaism and Islam webinar series
 February 17, March 10, and April 7
Join the series of Lectures (for french Speakers) of Prof. Meir Bar-Asher, chair of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 


Gala Event 

March 19, 2022
The Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem of German-speaking Switzerland invites you to a Festive Gala at the Tonhalle in Zürich featuring a concert by Sir András Schiff and Evgeny Kissin, both recipients of an Honorary Doctorate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 
Jewish Populations and Identities in the 21st Century
March 30, 2022
The British Friends of the Hebrew University in partnership with the Institute of Jewish Studies, University College London
Invites you to a special lecture with:
Sergio della Pergola
Professor Emeritus of Population Studies at the Hebrew University’s Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry
This lecture is given in memory of Thea Zucker z”l, who was a devoted supporter of the Belgian Friends through her work as a Hebrew University Governor and Honorary Fellow, and which is supported by her grandson, Marc Iarchy (London)
Nexus Israel 2022
Virtual Summit
March 30, 2022
The NEXUS: ISRAEL 2022 conference brings together thought leaders and the most innovative thinkers from across the United States, Israel, Europe, and Asia — with a special focus on sustainability — whose ideas and influence have the capacity for real change.


October 2021 - Autumn 2022
9 Cities/ 9 Topics/ 40 Women Scientists

Emotions: an itinerant Brainforum dedicated to Rita Levi Montalcini has invited brilliant scientists from the most prestigious international universities and institutions to analyze emotions, and to discuss the fundamental role of women’s emotional expertise in inclusion, empathy, preservation, sustainability, for solving the challenges of the Third Millennium.