HUJI 84th Board of Governors HUJI Board of governors 84th annual BoG

Join European Friends of Hebrew University for an unforgettable international digital gathering during the 84th annual Hebrew University of Jerusalem Board of Governors.

The event will be brodcast and recorded from the Ezequiel Liwerant Fometo Mexico Hall on Mt. Scopus. 
Live Stream via the Hebrew University Facebook page Youtube 
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Special Greetings from the President of 
Israel, Mr. Isaac Herzog

Unique Film Demonstrating Our 
Contributions to a Better World, 
Featuring Close Donors 
and Friends

Showcase of Top Academic Achievements 
in the Sciences, Medicine & Humanities
17th5:00 - 7:00 PM ISRAEL TIME
Inspiring Video Highlighting Our Students 
and Their Contributions to a Better World

HUJI Talks: Fascinating Updates on the 
Latest COVID-19 Research, the Future of 
Sustainability, and the Mystery of Ancient 

Conversation with Newly Elected CERN 
President, Prof. Eliezer Rabinovici


Details of Event
Special greetings from the President of the State of Israel, Mr. Isaac Herzog.
Greetings from the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr. Daniel Schlessinger.
For a Better World: A film showcasing various Hebrew University programs that 
have a substantial impact in making the world a better place.
President's Plenary Session
 Report of the President of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Prof. Asher Cohen 
 A special conversation between Prof. Asher Cohen and Prof. Eliezer 
Rabinovici, the newly elected President of the CERN Council.
 Our Friends' Perspective: Vice President for Advancement and External 
Relations, Amb. Yossi Gal 
A unique video in which our Friends around the world talk about how they 
feel the Hebrew University is creating a better world



HUJI Talks

1. COVID-19 Research:

Prof. Yaakov (Koby) Nahmias, Animal-free drug development
Prof. Isaiah (Shy) Arkin, Targeted drug repurposing to curb COVID-19
2. The Hebrew University’s New Center for Sustainability:
Prof. Yael Mishael, Introduction
Dr. Itay Greenspan & Dr. Galit Cohen-Blankshtain 
Prof. Zvi Peleg & Dr. Reut Barak-Weekes
3. The Hebrew University’s New Center for Ancient DNA:
Where the Past Meets the Future
Prof. Eran Meshorer, Prof. Liran Carmel, Prof. Erella Hovers
Recent nominations and concluding remarks by President of Hebrew University 
of Jerusalem, Prof. Asher Cohen
Details of Event
What's New at the Hebrew University?  Join us for a tour of the new projects on our Jerusalem Campuses  
Rector's Plenary Session: 
 Opening remarks by the Rector of the Hebrew University, Prof. Barak Medina
 At the Frontiers of Science, for a Better World
1. Prof. Maya Tamir, Department of Psychology 
2. Prof. Uriel Levi, Department of Applied Physics 
3. Prof. Keren Weinshall, Faculty of Law
Our Friends' Perspective: Part Two
Vice President for Research & Development's Plenary Session
 Showcasing Hebrew University academic achievements,
by Vice President for Research and Development, Prof. Re'em Sari. 
Conferment of Awards: 

 The Kaye Innovation Awards
 The Klachky Prize for the Advancement of the Frontiers of Science
 The Polonsky Prizes for Creativity and Originality in the Humanistic Disciplines 
 The Prusiner-Abramsky Research Awards in Clinical and Basic Neuroscience by 
the Orion Foundation
 The Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Fund Prize for Discovery in Medical Research.
Our Friends' Perspective: Part Three
Concluding remarks by Mr. Daniel Schlessinger, Chairman of the Board of Governors


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