HUJI Virutal Tour of ELSC HUJI ELSC Virtual Tour

Thank you all for the overwhelming response to the upcoming session of HUJI Campaign School. We guess you miss us as much as we miss you! 

Attached is a bit of information about our speakers and about ELSC – our world-class center for brain research.

And here is a Virtual Tour of ELSC that we know you’ll really enjoy -


As you know, our Catalog of Opportunities was designed specifically for the last Campaign, and over time, we lost the technical ability to update it.  So while there are still some good materials there, it is slowly becoming more and more outdated.   Once our new CRM system is further along, the plan is for the new Catalog to be created as part of that system.  But meanwhile, we have been lacking a place where you can easily access the variety of one-pagers and proposals created for the current $1 B Campaign (A Tradition of Innovation: 2018 – 2025).  So we have created a less fancy but serviceable temporary Catalog of Opportunities: a GOOGLE DOCS folder, with one folder for each Strategic Priority Area, in which have placed and will continue to place key Campaign fundraising collateral, most of which cannot be found on our website.  Here is the link – be sure to save it somewhere!


This link is only for fundraising staff – please do not share with anyone else. 


What will you find inside? 

  • One-pagers about specific campaign priority projects
  • One-pager general ‘topical’ papers (on Agriculture, on Computational Medicine, Diversity…)
  • Proposals (i.e. longer documents) on Campaign Priority Projects
  • Presentations and power points when we have additional materials relating to specific projects.
  • We will also place the SPA brochures in each section, although you can also find them on the Campaign website.


Please note that some documents are repeated in more than one folder.  We’ve placed documents in all of the SPA categories relevant to that project, so for example, the International Master of Public Health program for students from developing countries can be found under “Better World”, “Human Health”, and “Global Collaboration”.   MSc scholarships for students in Science can be found under “High Tech Jerusalem” and “Leadership for Tomorrow”.  And so on.  We hope that this will make your search easier.

We will be constantly adding materials to this drive as they are developed, and cleaning it up and streamlining as we go along.   But we didn’t want to wait any longer before sharing this with you.  If you see something and would like a different version of it, or different giving opportunities for a particular project added to a one-sheeter, just let us know.   We have formatted the materials for the majority of our ‘users’ – which is in North America.  If one of you requires this as an A4 document, please let us know.

All prices listed already include HU and Friends overheads – we’ve used the ‘highest common denominator’ as our guide. 


Included are pieces on Revivim, Smart Cities, HUJI Innovate, Digital Humanities, Social Sciences Graduate Programs, our “Tikkun Olam” international programs, the legal clinics, Quantum, Dean of Students programs and need based scholarships and much, much more.  Thanks to my colleagues (and former colleagues) Lisa, Daniella, Alexa and Vivienne for creating these documents.

I also want to remind everyone that our Campaign website, managed by Shoshana, Devora, and Sarit, has lots of wonderful materials, including films, SPA brochures, and many stories and profiles related to our Campaign projects.  What we don’t have on the website is, of course, specific giving opportunities, prices and proposals. That is why we have the temporary Catalog/Google drive – as these are your tools as fundraisers.