September 13, 2020: the aging brain from disease genetics to mini-brains in a dish/the Aging Brain: From Disease Genetics to Mini-Brains in a Dish BRAIN CIRCILE 2020 The aging Brain

The panelists and topics:
September 13: The Aging Brain: From Disease Genetics to Mini-Brains in a Dish  
This 1-hour webinar will explore recent pioneering approaches to study the human brain and, specifically, brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s. Dr. Naomi Habib (ELSC, Hebrew University) will introduce cutting-edge genetic technologies to study how different brain cells contribute to cognitive decline and to cognitive resilience. Prof. Eran Meshorer (Life Science Inst./ELSC) will introduce a mesmerizing approach to grow mini-brains in a dish, as models to study brain pathologies. Together, Naomi and Eran will discuss how, on the one hand, they deconstruct human brain tissue into single nerve cells and, on the other hand, how they reconstruct mini-brains from human stem cells. The audience will be invited to ask questions under the moderation of ELSC Ph.D. student, Shai Berman.  

On behalf of the team at ELSC and our delegates around the world, we look forward to seeing you later!