PICS & VIDEO: A glance at the Mind Blow Gala - September 27th, 2018 - Rosey Concert Hall

Have you missed the Mind Blow Gala ?

Here is a glance at what happened with Prof. Idan Segev, Kreëmart, Tony Oursler and Lior Suchard to celebrate the 100 Years of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem !



100 Scholarships for 100 Years of the Hebrew University

More than ever, we deeply thank every participant and donor who supported education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Medicine, Brain research, Science & Technology, Agriculture and Humanities.


The event has now ended, but our very important work continues !

CHF 10.000 = 1 Scholarship for 1 Year : you can participate with the amount of your choice.

Account holder : Association des Amis suisses de l’Université hébraïque de Jérusalem, 1206 Genève

Bank : Credit Suisse

IBAN : CH06 0483 5125 4214 3100 0





The donations for scholarships will be fully transferred to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which is largely funded by its Friends around the world.

The Swiss Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are recognized as a non-for-profit association of public interest and donations are tax deductible.


 Rosey Concert Hall, Rolle

Rosey Concert Hall, Rolle

Introduction to the Pastry Portrait® by Kreëmart


Premiere Projection of "Mind Blow", by artist Tony Oursler

Artist Tony Oursler, Curator Raphaël Castoriano (Kreëmart) and Prof. Idan Segev


Prof. Asher Cohen, President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Mrs Gültin Ephrati, President of the Swiss Friends of the University


Mr Lior Suchard, Master Mentalist


Mrs Caroline Lang, Chairman of Sotheby's Switzeland


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