Hebrew U. student represents Israel to millions on popular Chinese game show

October 26, 2014: In an international test of knowledge watched by millions, Lechao Tang, a Chinese student of Bible and the Ancient Near East represented Hebrew University on China's highest-rated game show.

Tang, a 24-year-old student pursuing a master's degree at the Hebrew University's Rothberg International School, is originally from Wenzhou, China. He was invited by China’s national TV channel to participate in the hit TV game show, "Who's Still Standing”--- a knowledge competition against students from Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and other leading universities.

"Who's Still Standing (China) "is an adaptation of Israel Channel 10’s hit TV game show Lauf al Hamiliyon ((לעוף על המיליון‎, in which contestants who give the wrong answer plummet into a hole. As the biggest national intellectual entertainment show in China, it offers contestants the opportunity to win prizes while competing in trivia battles. This season, in honor of the National Day of China (a one-week celebration that started on October 1), the competitors are all students from top universities in China and around the world.

Lechao said, “I'm glad to be a link between the Hebrew University and my home country of China. It's an exciting cultural opportunity for me to introduce Hebrew U to China from the point of view of a Chinese student. The hosts of the TV show are a couple and they've been to Israel. They shared an anecdote about the wife placing a note in the Western Wall for good luck to have a baby — and this year they had a son!

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