Dr. Ami Citri - ELSC

Drug addiction is one of the most prominent neuropsychiatric disorders, affecting up to 3% of the U.S. population. While the cost of drug addiction to society is tremendous, the neurological cause behind addiction is not yet well understood. ELSC’s Dr. Ami Citri, however is working to revolutionize our understanding of addiction by studying the mechanisms by which the brain translates “the drug experience” into memory. 

Citri joined ELSC and the Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences in October 2012 following a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University. Citri specializes in the study of brain plasticity—how the brain absorbs information during the learning and memory process. Within the next 10 years, Citri hopes to leave his mark on the study of addiction. “We will develop methodologies that enable us to deepen our understanding of the molecular neuronal circuits that form the basis for the disease,” he explains.

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